To whom did the bride give her engagement ring as a gift?

The engagement ring is an invaluable resource for women. They keep it for the rest of their lives. And the ring was given to the actress Parimani!

Surprisingly, a co-artist received the ring as a gift from his girlfriend. She is only two months old!

The incident took place on Friday during the filming of the film 'Mother' directed by Aranya Anwar.

Director Aranya Anwar posted a status on Facebook on Friday night regarding the incident.

He wrote: “I bagged the shot around 3 p.m. m. and sat down to eat with the team. At that time someone said, the fairy sister is calling you. In one of the rooms on the set, Pari was busy arranging her return to Dhaka with Raj. She looked at me and said, "Brother, the boy who plays my son must get a good gift."

Aranya Anwar said that the producer had already given the boy an envelope and handed it to his mother. But Parimani was thinking of giving something special. While she was shooting, the fairy got stuck in that child's Maya Bandhan.

To whom did the bride give her engagement ring as a gift?

The bride appeared with a ring.

Aranya Anwar said, "After eating, I am arranging the shooting of the scene in the courtyard. At that time, the fairy called again from inside the house." As soon as I entered the house, I saw a small box with a gold ring in the hands of Raj and Pari. The child's mother sitting next to her. The fairy said: 'Brother, this is one of my two engagement rings. I want to give this ring to your baby with your hand. I am in shock! What does this girl say?

Aranya gave the bride's engagement ring to the child's mother, asking that she keep a photo of the ring delivery. But the photo was not taken due to the objection of actor Shariful Raj.

Praising his girlfriend, Aranya Anwar wrote on Facebook: "We don't take photos. But I won't write about this emotion of the fairy, I won't let people know, I'm not a man with such a repressed nature." The father of the two-month-old baby is an autorickshaw driver and the mother is a housewife. Greetings, girlfriend. Greetings, respect, love.'

By the way, in the movie 'Mother', that child will be shown as the bride's son. The film will be released this year.

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